Planter’s Punch

planters-punch-32 oz Overproof Rum like Wray and Nephew
1 oz Shrub District Lime
0.5 oz Angostura bitters
0.25 oz simple syrup

Shake, pour, tiki!

Pro Tip: Mix 3 parts Shrub District Lime with 2 parts Angostura Bitters and 1 part simple in a bottle. Just leave it on the back bar. Mix with light rum, dark rum, or aged for a range of flavors.

Rum Punch

Rum Punch Thumb8 oz Shrub District Lime (one bottle)
8 oz Rum
10 oz water
spice (nutmeg or cinnamon)

Mix: Add shrub, rum, and water to 32 oz Ball jar. Top with ice or chill in fridge. Serve over fresh ice.

Pour, grate, chill.

A note on Ball Jar Punch…

The classic punch recipe is 1 part sweet, 2 parts sour, 3 parts strong, 4 parts week, and spice. Shrub District Cocktail Vinegars provide a perfect base for a super easy punch for you and your friends.

Just take a bottle of any Shrub District flavor and combine with equal parts of your favorite spirit and 10 ounces of a “soft” element. The “soft” can be anything! Try water, tea, coconut water, soda water, sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, mead, whatever floats your boat. Then grate a little fresh nutmeg on top and serve over ice.


Step 1: Ingredients

Rum Punch 1

Step 2: Shrub

Rum Punch 2

Step 3: Rum

Rum Punch 3

Step 4: Water

Rum Punch 4

Step 5: Ice

Rum Punch 5

Step 6: Garnish and Serve!

Rum Punch 6