Mojito with Don's Mint and Shrub District Lime
A classic mojito with white rum, mint, and lime.


The Magical Mojito

Why do we love the Mojito? It surprised us all 15 years ago with it’s beguiling mix of mint, lime, sugar, and rum. But these building blocks aren’t new. The Southside (which is a fantastic drink, BTW) never got this kind of love. Maybe it was because it was so Latin, like the Ricky Martin of early century cocktails?

Whatever, it had us livin’ the vida loca, that’s for sure. But for the bartenders… well that was a whole other story. Many of our friends suffered carpel tunnel, or sliced their fingers on broken glasses, all because of this drink and the way people order it. For some reason, you never serve one Mojito. The first order comes in, then you’ve got 10+ in the queue. Which is great, because there’s always a little show behind the bar. But it gets tiresome, and at the end of the day, it kept the Mojito behind the bar, and out of our homes.

Let’s dig into the drink itself.

What goes wrong in a Mojito? Waaay to sweet? Granulated sugar sunk to the bottom of your glass? Shredded mint clogging your straw? Too many lime husks making your drink smaller than it should be? Or the slap dash results of a tired bartender who just muddled his 50th Mojito?

What makes a great Mojito? The perfect balance of mint and lime and rum and sugar.

Real Mint – Fresh mint is glorious, but it’s hard to extract flavor. Oh, and it’s sort of feast or famine in the garden. Our Don’s Mint extracts mint in three different ways to give you layers of minty goodness. This is not a “hint of mint,” this is mint in every drop of the glass, harmonious, clear and pure.

No Muddling! – If I’m being honest, muddling is dumb. I mean, it’s fine in a pinch, and I have a lot of good things to do with a muddler (grind spices, crush ice in a Lewis bag, pretend to play the drums), but as a cocktail making technique, it’s pretty silly–especially in a glass (dangerous!) We can get a lot more flavor, and a lot better yield, and a lot better shelf life, out of capturing the mint. So stop muddling and look for liquids that deliver the mint you need.

Batched and Ready – How popular would you be if you served all your guests a frosty Mojito this Saturday afternoon out by the grill? Very popular. Very popular indeed. Everyone, literally everyone, loves Mojitos. So take the base (Shrub District Lime, Don’s Mint, rum and seltzer) and batch it in a pitcher. You’ll be guaranteed to host next Saturday too.

Try this recipe!

How many Mojitos can you make in 10 minutes?

Easy Mojito Recipe

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