A “shrub” if a vinegar-based fruit syrup. This technique dates back hundreds of years as a way to preserve fruit at the end of harvest. The term “shrub” comes from al sharab (to drink in Arabic) and shares the same root as sorbet and sherbet. Our shrubs are tart, yet sweet, perfectly balanced and dedicated to capturing the flavors of the season’s best fruit.


Apple Nutmeg, our Fall Seasonal, captures the essence of local Grimes Golden apples. These heirloom apples are tart, sweet, and tannic. They grow in a hundred year old orchard at Three Springs Fruit Farm. We imbue this shrub with one of our favorite baking spices, nutmeg, which we crush by hand. It’s a classic all-American apple pie combination. Finally, vanilla and tannin from gentle oak aging round out the flavor profile.

APPLE NUTMEG pairs beautifully with any aged spirit — bourbon, cognac, apple brandy, or rum. Try it in Erin’s Harvest, a dry Manhattan variation.

8oz, $10 (sold out)


Our Summer Seasonal, BLUEBERRY BASIL is a mouthwatering combination of tart, earthy blueberries with savory fresh basil. The basil comes through clean on the nose. On the palette, it’s all blueberry pie all the time. Available only while supplies last, this is an extremely small bottling with just 40 cases produced for the 2016 season. Get yours before it’s too late!

Shrub District BLUEBERRY BASIL pairs exceptionally with whiskey in the signature cocktail Bourbon and Blue. I also love it as a daiquiri with a nice aged rum (or the new Plantation Pineapple Rum). As always, you can find a ton of cocktail recipes on our Shrubtails page.

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CRANBERRY JUNIPER, our Winter Seasonal, offers the perfect balance of tart cranberries and aromatic juniper. This shrub is full of firm tannins and body from the cranberries’ natural pectin. The classic flavor screams “holidays.” Our cranberries come from the finest bogs in New Jersey. We’re laying down what we can to get us through the cold winter months ahead. Like the holidays, this flavor won’t be around for long.

Pick up a bottle of CRANBERRY JUNIPER and make an incredible Cosmopolitan. Or, if you’re a whiskey drinker, pair with ginger ale or ginger beer for a holiday highball like no other.

8oz, $10 (sold out)


We love ginger, and we know you do too. Our ginger shrub has all the spice you crave, but the perfect balance you need. We use 140lbs of fresh ginger root in every batch. That’s just how we roll.

Add to your seltzer for the perfect real ginger ale. For cocktails, Shrub District Ginger perfects your Moscow Mule, masters your Dark and Stormy, and brightens up your Whiskey Buck. In short, it’s your new best friend for summer or winter.

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Pure, unadulterated grapefruit flavor in a bottle. We use the juice, the pith, and the peel from organic grapefruits to give you layer-on-layer of delicious citrus. Kicking off with a hit of fruit, this shrub is tart and not-too-sweet as you sip. It finishes with a soft bitterness that lingers on the tongue and cuts through any cocktail. Trust me, you’ll know it’s there.

JUST GRAPEFRUIT pairs well with gin, Tequila, and Bourbon. Try it in the Move over Tonic, as a Grapefruit Old Fashioned, or in the Perfect Paloma. Embrace the bitter, brighten your spirits!

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This is your go-to bar mix. Perfect for Margaritas, Daiquiris, Mojitos, Gimlets, Whiskey Sours, you name it. It also makes a great Punch base. If you need sour, reach for Shrub District LIME.

We capture that pure lime essence in the bottle. In fact, we think it’s actually more lime than lime. Why? Because we juice only whole fresh organic limes, pull out the essential oils from their peels, and balance everything perfectly between sour and sweet. This is your one step cocktail mixer.

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Take me to paradise! Find an umbrella (beach or tiny), because one sip of Shrub District PINEAPPLE ALLSPICE will take you to the tropics. Pure pineapple leads the way, leaving you refreshed. Then the Allspice sneaks up behind you, hugging you close as you both watch the sun set over the water.

It’s hard not to want another Piña Colada when they’re guilt free like our recipe using coconut water instead of cream. Or just pair it with your Bourbon in a Pineapple Whiskey Buck, or Rye in a classic Algonquin.

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It’s the first flush of summer. Our Strawberry Dill cocktail vinegar packs the aroma of fresh picked strawberry patch and finishes clean with the fresh grassy dill. It’s so lush, so decadent, it’s the strawberry flavor you’ve always wanted but never found. Our berries come from 78 Acres Farm in Smithsburg, MD, giving us the natural color and the beautiful fresh fruit nose.

Bring on the Tequila, the mescal, and the woody Bourbons! Try the Strawberry Tequila Fizz, I promise you’ll fall in love.

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A “built” cocktail is a cocktail you build in the same glass in which you serve it. It’s kind of like the one-pot cooking of the cocktail world.


We love whisk(e)y. We know you do, too. And we love the Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. But we also love it when that Old Fashioned only takes 10 seconds to make. So… we made the 10-second Old Fashioned. Chock full of organic orange oil, a touch of simple syrup, and our own proprietary bitters built on 12 aromatic botanicals.

How do you Old Fashioned? Try 1/2 oz Don’s Old Fashioned + 2 oz spirit + ice.

8oz, $12, Buy Now


Get outside already! Fill your glass with the real deal fresh mint and stop stressing about all the little stuff. We’ve raided the garden for layer on layer of mint. This ain’t your grand daddy’s julep, this is the modern one, the one that doesn’t get all stuck in your teeth, that doesn’t make your arm tired from muddling. You might even be able to make one in the time it takes to round the track at Pimlico.

How do you Julep? Try 1/2 oz Don’s + 2 oz spirit + ice.

8oz, $12, Buy Now


Transport yourself back home to the Gulf with one sip on a Sazerac cocktail. The origins, the truth, the OG cocktail we should all know better. We’ve captured the absinthe, the creole bitters, the lemon peel, and the delicate balance. Now all you have to do is find a glass and some ice. Chock full of organic lemon oil, a touch of simple syrup, and our own proprietary creole bitters built on 13 botanicals.

How do you Sazerac? Try 1/2 oz Don’s + 2 oz spirit + ice.

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