Nothing lasts longer than stories, jokes, and memories. But sometimes it’s hard to slow down. Let us help.

At Shrub District, we want to give you something to look forward to at the end of a long day. We work hard and so do you. Be proud of it.

Our shrubs are tart but sweet, complex but pure, hip but casual. The perfect balance for a busy, rewarding life.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make your drinking life easier and more fun. Anyone can make an amazing craft cocktail. I promise, it’s not that hard. 2 parts spirit, 1 part shrub, ice and away we go!

Shrub District is committed to making the highest quality natural products, helping our customers make better drinks, and supporting the farms, farmers, and communities that grow our food.

Our shelf stable, perfectly balanced, real fruit cocktail vinegars are guaranteed to Brighten Your Spirits.

We promise:

  • to use only real fruit
  • to never use additives
  • to source locally whenever possible
  • to always try your drink recipe

Why “shrub?”

Before refrigeration, farmers used vinegar to preserve excess fruit during harvest. Wait a bit, then add some sugar and you’ve got “shrub.” Like the word alcohol itself, the term “shrub” originated in the Middle East. It’s an old art and we’re bringing it back and into the bar.

Made in DCShrub District cocktail vinegars are the purest expression of fruit you can find. From nose to lingering finish, our flavors capture the season in a bottle. Why? Because we use only  fresh whole fruit, herbs, and spices. Shrub District Cocktail Vinegars (aka “shrubs”) are proudly #MadeinDC.

Our Growers

At Shrub District, we source as much as possible from local farmers. Here’s a list of our current growers:

Pick up a bottle at one of our retailers and start making awesome drinks wherever you are.

Don Morton

Shrub District is:

Don Morton, Founder
Don is the owner and founder of Shrub District. He is a bartender, WSET trained wine nerd, cocktail geek, fermentation enthusiast, and eager host. After 10 years working in public policy, Don founded Shrub District to bring a little more happiness into the world. Before Shrub District, Don spent his free time advocating for policies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., telling complex foreign policy stories, writing speeches, promoting global food security, and staffing a Congressman. His passion has and always will be wine, spirits, and drinks. Don lives with his wife, Erin, in Petworth.

Corey Hatcher, Production Manager
Corey manages production for Shrub District. He is a foodie, french fry enthusiast, sports fan, and cocktail connoisseur. Corey received his bachelors of fine arts from the University of Missouri and brings a creative mind. He loves to be hands on and enjoys seeing any process progress from start to finish. Before moving to the D.C. area, he was an assistant pastry chef at a craft doughnut shop, preparing scratch made doughs, glazes, fillings and toppings. Corey enjoys woodworking, perfecting his homemade tortillas, grabbing a drink with his wife, and tossing a Frisbee.

Mike Phillips, Accounts Manager
Mike manages our DC and Virginia accounts and assists Corey on the production line. He spends part of his time canvassing, traveling, chasing sales leads, and dreaming up creative flavor profiles. He is a Washingtonian who grew up in DC and studied photojournalism at Montgomery College as well as culinary arts at The Culinary Institute of America. He has a severe infatuation with food and enjoys cooking, eating, bike riding, basketball, sour beers, craft cocktails, crosswords, and good coffee. In his free time he tends to his 90 something plants and two cats in his lively COHI apartment.