Brighten Your Spirits

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Try your summer blueberries in a cocktail!

The Bramble

  • 1 oz Shrub District Blueberry Basil

  • 2 oz Gin

  • Ice

Stir, Sip, Chill

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We’re here to help you make amazing craft cocktails.

At Shrub District, our mission is to elevate your drinking life because cocktails can be just as approachable as beer and wine. We do this by making perfectly balanced products that bring the right ratio of tart to sweet and capture the true flavors of the season’s best fruit.

Shrub District is committed to making the highest quality natural products, helping our customers make better drinks, and supporting the farms, farmers, and communities that grow our food.

Our shelf stable, perfectly balanced, real fruit cocktail vinegars are guaranteed to Brighten Your Spirits. Learn more about us and our awesome team.